Changes to HIPAA Privacy & Security: Effective Sept. 23, 2013!
NEW! Updated Joint Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP)

Updated NPP's must be given to every new patient who receives services from any patient care area within UF Health, Student Health Care Services, and other UF healthcare components. Returning patients do not need to be given a new NPP, but the NPP should be available for them to take one if they want it - they should not have to ask for one.

Two versions of the new NPP are available below as pdf's for download and printing, or the brochures may be ordered through Shands Publication Services (Form #15-9053-0).

NPP - Letter-size version - 4 sides
NPP - Legal-size version - brochure layout
Updated Acknowledgement of Receipt form - English - Spanish

Privacy Incidents & Complaints E-Mail Authorizations

Patients or legal representatives may file a Privacy Complaint at any time. Click here for the Privacy Complaint form.

Workforce members must report Privacy Incidents immediately! Click here for the Incident Report forms.

Use E-Mail to Correspond with Patients and Research Participants!

Patients and research participants may correspond with their caregivers and research coordinators by email, but only if they have signed an Email Authorization.  For more, read on..

Email and Restricted Information Students and Epic Access

E-mail may be used to transmit limited amounts of Protected Health Information (PHI) and other restricted data (except Social Security Numbers!) but only under specific conditions and for limited purposes.

UF emails that include PHI may not be forwarded to an outside account (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.)!

Do you know what the rest of the conditions and the approved purposes are? See the policy here for more information.

Student access to the Epic electronic medical record (EMR) system, although stringently controlled, is routinely authorized and provided for academic purposes to approved students.


Visit the website here for more information

Tracking HIPAA Training SSN Request Form

Are you the person responsible for tracking HIPAA training completion for your department or division? Reports are available for this purpose - see the instructions below. *
If you need assistance with these reports, please call HR Training and Development (273-1762).

Do you need to collect, use or store Social Security Numbers?

Do you know when and how to obtain permission to collect or use SSNs?
Complete the training or access the request form here.

Need to request special permission to use SSNs for your work? Click here.


All UF Employees and Volunteers in health care components are required to complete annual Privacy Training during January and February each year. All staff, including volunteers, must complete the training through HR Services - click here for instructions to access the training through myUFL.

Students enrolled in Health Science Center colleges and programs should complete annual Privacy Training during May through August each year. Schedules for completing student training are set by the colleges. Click here for more instructions. Students who are also employees should follow the employee schedule and instructions.

Each member of the workforce is responsible for maintaining their individual training requirements.

Colleges, departments, divisions, clinics, and similar units are ultimately responsible for ensuring that all their workforce members are in compliance with orientation and annual training requirements. The Privacy Office will perform periodic audits to ensure compliance with this requirement.

Failure to comply with entry and annual training requirements is a Level II Privacy Violation and repeated violations by individuals (i.e., failure to complete the training after multiple reminders) can be grounds for disciplinary action, for both the individual and their immediate supervisor.

To access training via the myUFL system, you must have a valid GatorLink account. To enroll in training, log in to myUFL and navigate to Main Menu > My Self Service > Training and Development > Request Training Enrollment.
     If you do not have access to this navigation in MyUFL, please contact Jamie Cooke with Training & Organizational Development at (352) 273-1762 or by email at jamie-cooke@ufl.edu.
     If you have questions about your GatorLink account, please contact the UF Computing Help Desk at (352) 392-4357 (HELP) or by email at helpdesk@ufl.edu.

*Tracking Training: Department staff responsible for tracking the completion of HIPAA training for their department can access reports through Enterprise Reporting. Reports generally run about 3-4 days behind. Staff must have the role: UF_EL_TRAINING_REPORTS to access these reports.
Log into MyUFL, go to Enterprise Reporting > Access Reporting > Human Resources Information > Training and Organizational Development > then choose from the options for reports: by department, by employee, etc.
Managers may also use Manager Self Service in MyUFL for quick access to the compliance status of individuals under their supervision.

Training and Organizational Development (HR) will send out limited training reminders to individuals who have not met annual training requirements. The Privacy Office conducts periodic audits of training compliance and will send the results to College, Department, and/or Division heads, upon request or as needed. Contact the Privacy Office for more information.

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On a lighter note...

Here's some really awful HIPAA humor.


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