The Red Flag Rules

Detecting,Preventing, and Mitigating Identity Theft

This training has been developed to explain the federal rules intended to prevent Identity Theft, and to assist you in developing unit-specific procedures that will comply with UF's Identity Theft Prevention Program. The policy, approved by the UF Board of Trustees is in the General Privacy Management Policy Manual.

The training is required at orientation and annually for any UF employee or volunteer who regularly works with payment cards, including credit and debit cards, or accesses consumer credit reports.



Please read this entire page first before calling the Privacy Office! We'll be better able to assist you if you have the following information.

The training module appears as a pop-up box. If you click below on Begin Red Flag Training and get sent back to this page, you may have a "Pop-Up Blocker" installed. Disable the blocker or use a different computer that allows pop-ups from this page. Speak to your computer support person, if necessary, for help.

Read the information on each slide. Press the NEXT button to proceed from slide to slide. Extra information about words underlined in blue may be viewed by clicking on them.

Register at the End: You do not need a UF ID# to register your completion. If you have not been assigned a UFID, you can make up a number, using ####-0000, where the first 4 digits are a set of numbers that means something to you, such as part of a phone #, zip code, or address.
If you have a UF ID#, please use it, and please enter it correctly. If you can't remember your UF ID#, go to: What's My UFID?
Register to receive your Certificate of Completion. Print it out for your records, if you want to; however, it will be available online indefinitely through the Certificate Lookup page. Successful completion and registration of this training module is recorded by the Privacy Office.

Browsers: The training is best accessed through Internet Explorer. It can work with other systems, but the slides may be distorted.

The module takes approximately 30 minutes and should be completed in one sitting. If you close the window before reaching the end, you will need to begin again.

Thank you for your participation. If you have any questions, please read this entire page first. Then, if you don't find the answer you need, contact the Privacy Office at 352-273-1212 or .

Certificates may be printed using Certificate Lookup.

Report any known or suspected violations immediately!
- Incident Reporting: Privacy website
- Privacy Office: call 352-273-5094 or email

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