Health Information Confidentiality Statement & Policy

If you are a member of the workforce in any of UF's healthcare components or affiliated entities, then you are required to sign UF's Health Information Confidentiality Statement within 10 days of joining the workforce or student body, and annually thereafter.

Workforce members include:
- Faculty, Residents/Fellows, Staff, Students, and Volunteers
- Third Parties under the direct control of a UF healthcare component,
- Full-time or part-time, temporary or permanent, paid or not paid

If you are an Official Visitor coming to a UF healthcare component, you must complete the Health Information Confidentiality Statement before beginning any activities at UF.

Step 1: Read the UF Health Information Policy (click here)

Step 2: Read and "sign" the Health Information Confidentiality Statement (click here) (i.e., read, scroll to the bottom, check the three boxes, then enter your information in the Registration Form).

Completing the registration form online will enter your information in the Privacy Office database; you will then be able to print out copies of the completed form when and as needed. The Privacy Office does not require actual signatures on the forms, but they may be required at the discretion of individual departments, divisions, or units.

NOTE: By entering your personal information in the Registration Form, you are agreeing to maintain the confidentiality of patient health information created, received, and maintained by the University of Florida as stated in the Health Information Confidentiality Statement.

Use your UF ID# or a pseudo-number to register your completion of the Confidentiality Statement. If you have NOT been assigned a UF ID# you may use ####-0000. Replace the first 4 digits with some set of numbers that you will remember, such as part of a phone #, birth date, or zipcode.
If you have forgotten your UF ID#, please go to: What's My UFID?

If required by your college, department, division, or clinic, you may, but are not required to, print the completed Health Information Confidentiality Statement and give a copy to the person responsible for maintaining personnel or student records in your area. Actual signatures are not required by the Privacy Office, but may be required at the discretion of individual departments or units.

If you supervise workforce members who do not have access to a computer, please arrange to have them "sign" the Health Information Confidentiality Statement online when they are first hired and annually thereafter.

If you have any questions or problems with the site, please call the Privacy Office at 352-273-1212 or email

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