Privacy while "Shadowing" and Volunteering at UF

Any person, invited or otherwise authorized to enter University of Florida (UF) patient care areas or to view patient care in any UF location, who is not formally associated with one of UF's healthcare components, must be accompanied and/or supervised by a UF representative at all times. The UF representative is responsible for the actions of the visitor.

Volunteers and observers must be officially registered through the college or department where they would like to work.

This policy includes, but is not limited to:

EXEMPTIONS: The following individuals are exempt from completing Volunteer and Observer Applications:
  1. Visiting and volunteering health care professionals,
  2. All visiting students (including non-HSC UF students),
  3. UF HSC student volunteers,
  4. Applicants for certain UF positions,
  5. Trade representatives not registered in Rep-Trax (Shands),
  6. Family members or friends visiting UF HSC employees in their workplace,
  7. Any other similar persons or groups who are not officially associated with the UF Health Science Centers.
  1. College of Medicine (in session) Medical Students
  2. Observation/Shadowing for 21 days or less by students enrolled in any UF Health Science Center College or Program
  3. Students enrolled in UF courses that require physician shadowing hours for graduation
  4. Medical students enrolled in the Medical Student Research Program (MSRP)
  5. Vendors and Trade Reps registered in RepTrax (Shands System)
  6. Courtesy Appointments active in PeopleSoft
  7. Site Monitors for IRB-approved clinical trials
  8. Approved Internships (either through a UF program or as required for graduation)
  9. High School Students enrolled in official UF- and/or HSC-sponsored programs
Please read the Policy and Procedure for Volunteering and Observing Patient Care before continuing.
Observing/Shadowing for up to 21 consecutive days: click here
Observing/Shadowing for more than 21 consecutive days: click here

Volunteering, and using or having access to PHI or other restricted information, in addition to volunteer duties: click here
If you wish to shadow or volunteer, but do not have a sponsor, please call the Administrative Services Office of the HSC college in which you are interested.

For specific questions about volunteering in the College of Medicine, click here.

For specific questions about shadowing in the College of Dentistry, click here

Please note: The Privacy Office does not have any information about shadowing and volunteering procedures in the different colleges. If you have questions about a particular volunteer or "shadowing" opportunity.

No volunteers are given personal access accounts for the Epic or AxiUm electronic health record systems at this time.

If you have questions or concerns about privacy-related issues, please call or email the Privacy Office (352-273-1212 or

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