Training Notes

Training Modules

Workforce members are individually responsible for maintaining compliance with Privacy training requirements. Colleges, departments, divisions, and clinics should also be able to show training compliance for workforce members.

Workforce Members = All faculty, residents, staff, students, volunteers, and business associates who work in or for, or have access to computer systems associated with University of Florida healthcare components.

HIPAA Privacy training and UF Confidentiality Agreements must be renewed annually.
- In January and February for faculty, residents, employees, and volunteers.
- During May - August for students without active job appointments.

Level 1: Basic Training
  • HIPAA & Privacy: General Awareness
    Required Training for all Workforce Members, including faculty, employees, residents, volunteers, and students, who are not involved in human subject research. Only available on MyUFL.

  • HIPAA for Researchers (includes General Awareness training)
    Required Training for all Workforce Members involved in human subject research, including all principal investigators, co-principals, sub-investigators, research coordinators, and all staff with access to research-related human health information. Only available on MyUFL.

  • HIPAA at UF: For Visitors and Vendors
    Visitors and Vendors entering UF patient care areas, and for business associates working for any of UF's health care entities. You may register your training without a UFID.
    Visitors and Vendors include, but are not limited to, visiting students and health care professionals, trade representatives, maintenance technicians, applicants for University of Florida positions, and other similar persons or groups who will be in or around patient care areas or areas where PHI is used or stored. (Does not include family or friends visiting or accompanying patients.)

Individuals responsible for tracking completion of HIPAA training for their area can access reports through Enterprise Reporting for training completed in MyUFL. Staff must have the role of UF_EL_TRAINING_REPORTS to access these reports.
Go to Enterprise Reporting > Access Reporting > Human Resources Information > Training and Development > then choose from the report options: by department, by employee, etc.
Reports generally run 3-4 days behind.

Level 2: Advanced Training
  • Health Information Policies and Procedures: Classroom training offered for incoming UFP employees. Excellent resource for clinic and department staff members, managers, and administrators, or for anyone who handles PHI, has contact with patients, or supervises health care areas.
    Required for all new UFP staff.
    Strongly recommended for College of Medicine administrative staff and other HSC staff who regularly interact with patients.

  • Notice of Privacy Practices
    A brief overview of the contents of the NPP; for personnel who have first contact with patients. A good review of patients' rights and some basic HIPAA principles.

Certificates: If you complete the training and the registration of any Privacy Office training module or the Confidentiality Statement, it will be recorded in an electronic database. If you need a copy of your Certificate or Confidentiality Statement, click here to get a printable copy.

Level 3: Role-Specific Training
  • Disclosure Tracking And Accounting
    A brief self-directed tutorial that describes the basics about UF's On-line Disclosure Tracking System. Only required for individuals who have been assigned to enter data in the system.
  • HIPAA for Fundraisers  How does HIPAA apply to fundraising activities at the Health Science Centers and at other healthcare components at UF? Know the rules before engaging in solicitation.

If you have questions or difficulties with the Privacy training modules on MyUFL, contact Jamie Cooke at cookej@ufl.edu or 352-273-1762.

Non-Health Related Privacy Training

FERPA Basics:  Privacy and Education Records in the Sunshine State. See the Student/Faculty Privacy webpage for more information. Only available on MyUFL.

Protecting Social Security Numbers: Keys to Privacy and Confidentiality. Basic training for UF staff who need to use Social Security Numbers in their work. Only available on MyUFL.

The Red Flag Rules Detecting, Preventing, and Mitigating Identity Theft: Mandatory training for all University areas using consumer reports or having a deferred payment plan or account.

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