FERPA Basics and FERPA for Faculty

The Family Education Records and Privacy Act is complicated by itself; add Florida Statutes and UF Policies related to academic information, and it's easy to see why mistakes may be made. If you handle student information, this training module is for you.

FERPA Basics as well as FERPA for Faculty are available through myUFL for UF employees and many non-employees, including volunteers and students, who have an active status. Access to training is also available for anyone who has been assigned a Person of Interest status by their department.

Training Instructions: MyUFL

Step 1. Click to open these detailed enrollment instructions and keep them open while you enroll in the training course.

Step 2. Log in to MyUFL, go to My Self Service, then Training and Development to enroll in the course (see the instruction sheet in Step 1 above). Search for the course by name or by number (PRV802 - Basics or PRV803 - Faculty).

NOTE: Access to training via the MyUFL system has been expanded to provide automatic access for many non-employees, including students and volunteers. However, if you do not see the "Enroll in Training" tab/link, then you do not have an active status. If you are a new employee, keep checking - the link will appear when your job is fully activated.
Anyone who does not have an active status for training may be given a "Person of Interest" (POI) role, if necessary. Click here for printed instructions to assign this role, or visit the Human Resources webpage for more information.


Note to UF Staff with access to student records: The Office of the University Registrar requires individuals with access to student records to complete this FERPA Basic training module annually. If you have questions about your access to student records, please call the Registrar's Office, Security Division (352-392-1374).

Thank you for your participation. If you have any questions, please read all the instructions first. Then, if you have privacy-related questions, please contact the Privacy Office 273-1212 or privacy@ufl.edu. If you have technical questions about the training through MyUFL, please call Jamie Cooke in HR Training - 273-1762.

The Privacy Office version of FERPA Basics is no longer available. Please complete your training through MyUFL, following the steps above.

Certificates for training completed throught the Privacy Office may still be printed using Certificate Lookup. (See the menu on the left of this page.)

There is no certificate for training completed through MyUFL; please print your Training Summary or Historical Profile page as proof of completion.

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