Level 1: HIPAA & Privacy for Research


This training module is required for anyone employed, enrolled, or volunteering and involved in human subject research at UF. It includes HIPAA & Privacy General Awareness Training.

If you are involved in human subject research, you only need to complete this one training module and sign the UF Confidentiality Statement once every 12 months to be in compliance with Privacy Office training requirements.

Anyone who plans to be involved with human subject research protocols approved through IRB-01 must complete this training through myUFL. No exceptions.

Follow these instructions to complete HIPAA for Researchers through myUFL:

Step 1. Click to open these detailed enrollment instructions and keep them open while you enroll in the training course.

Step 2. Log in to MyUFL, go to My Self Service, then Training and Development to enroll in the course (see the instruction sheet in Step 1 above). Search for the course by name (HIPAA) or by number (PRV801).

NOTE: Access to training via the MyUFL system has been expanded to provide automatic access for many non-employees, including students and volunteers. However, if you do not see the "Enroll in Training" tab/link, then you do not have an active status. If you are a new employee, keep checking - the link will appear when your job is fully activated.
Anyone listed as part of the research team on any IRB-01-approved protocol who does not have an active status for training may be given a "Person of Interest" (POI) role, if necessary. Click here for printed instructions to assign this role, or visit the Human Resources webpage for more information.


Thank you for your participation. If you have any questions, please read this entire page first. Then, if you don't find the answer you need and you are or will be associated with UF, contact the HR Training and Development Officer 352-273-1762.

The Privacy Office version of HIPAA & Privacy for Research is no longer available. Please complete this training through your MyUFL account.

If you are not sure which HIPAA/Privacy Training to complete, click here.


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